WordWatcher Editing—your watchful eye

Some of us love to write, while for others it’s a chore. Whether your aim is to sell, to tell or to entertain, your writing will benefit from the process of refining your words.

Finding the right word isn’t always easy, though, especially when the language is changing around us.

Why should you use the WordWatcher services?

  • Protect your brand. Your reputation is at stake with everything you publish, so you need to guard against errors and lack of clarity.
  • It is difficult to edit your own words, so you need an objective eye with many years of experience in linguistics and editing.
  • You can be assured of professional, confidential and prompt service.
  • The pricing is competitive. You can be confident that you will receive the best result at a fair price.

Accept the challenge—let your writing defend itself

Why does our writing not get the response we had wanted? It could be your message is not clear or targeted. It could be hidden in redundancy, or it may need revision to improve coherence and sequencing.

Sharpen your written message with WordWatcher Editing. Contact me now for a quote or further information.

Whether it’s for publication, certification or just refining your message, WordWatcher will give your writing that extra clarity and zing.

I work with:

  • Literary manuscripts
  • Non-fiction texts and informational documents
  • Academic texts (including assignments and theses)
  • Corporate and government documents
  • ESL editing (for writers whose first language is not English)
  • Websites

Watch this space; there will be more coming soon!